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How to Replace 16 Year Old Trailer Wraps (or not!)

When the good folks at said they were coming to town and would like to replace their 16 year old trailer wraps, we knew just what to do! Now, removing and replacing trailer wraps this old might seem like a tedious and expensive request. In fact there were two 53′ trailers to be exact […]

Can Someone Please EXPLAIN?

  It’s really hard to imagine why someone would suffer the NIGHTMARE of Removing THIS: …when they could just COVER It — like THIS?? (Same truck below — an hour later!) Can somebody please explain? Truck Graphics job produced by Perfect Appearance, Pueblo, CO. “Brad, Wow! What a transformation! … and what a great product to work with! […]

UNWRAP Your Fleet!

OK, so one of our favourite customers branded the frame as “E-Z Change”. We LOVE it! We gave them permission to do that, and they gave us permission to show you some of their marketing. (Partnership is the new leadership!) Check it out… Drive Time is BUY TIME! Thousands of eyeballs see what they see and […]

Student Driver Takes Out Stop Sign, 400 ft of Graphics Changed in 40 Minutes!

“We did our first swap-out from last year’s batch. A Student Driver from our Truck Driving School (client) took out a STOP sign and tore the vinyl about 9 feet. 1 side swapped – Start to Finish 40 minutes! We’re getting good with this stuff! 15 down, 3 more to go this year.” – Adam […]

Love’s Finds the Right Solution.

“We were looking for a solution that allows us to change our messaging, as our business evolves. Ackland measured up to our expectations, and a year later, the trucks still look great. We have changed out two of the panels with very little effort, at a fraction of the cost of new decals. We will […]

Cut Installation Labor by 50% or More!

When you have a Sign Installation crew of 3-6 people working ON THE CLOCK to install graphics on a Box Truck or Semi-Trailer, it becomes painfully obvious that every second counts. With most custom jobs, let’s face it – there is the proverbial “element of surprise” which rarely goes in favor of the Sign Pro. […]

Student Truck Driver Takes Out Stop Sign, 400 sq ft of Graphics Changed in 40 Minutes!

The trailer involved was much like the ones pictured here. 8′ high x 52′ in length. Hard to imagine a faster solution to R&R graphics, but if anyone out there knows of one, please let me know. Also, can anyone send in the amount of labor it would take to remove and replace 8′ x 52′ of pressure-sensitive/decal for comparison?

Free EBook! Sign Pro’s Guide to Truckside Advertising

Here’s an excerpt: “Transportations Companies are looking to increase profits, just like everyone else. Equally important, decision makers are surprisingly accessible. Of the estimated 1.2 million trucking companies in the U.S., 97% operate 20 or fewer trucks, while 90% operate 6 or fewer. Getting to the top of the food chain is sometimes possible on […]