When the good folks at Airshownetwork.com said they were coming to town and would like to replace their 16 year old trailer wraps, we knew just what to do!

Now, removing and replacing trailer wraps this old might seem like a tedious and expensive request. In fact there were two 53′ trailers to be exact making it a doubly arduous task. We knew that removing the current decals would take a massive effort alone, because a trailer wrap in such bad shape would need to be scraped off in tiny pieces. The surface of the trailers would then need to be carefully prepped before attempting to install any new PSV graphics. Given that the Air Show was only days away, time was certainly an important factor for this client.

The Solution

After discovering the condition of the trailer wraps on both units, we quickly realized that replacing these graphics with a similar PSV wrap was not a time or cost effective solution. Luckily, we had another weapon in our arsenal; The Ackland Media Frame. This patented frame and banner fleet graphic  system would allow us to quickly replace their trailer graphics and give the Air Show Network the option of making future graphic changes in half the time, for about half the cost!  

The Cover Up

By using Frame and Banner fleet graphics, it allowed us to immediately cut out the process of removing of the old wrap. The frame is installed directly on the surface of the trailer, letting the vinyl graphic cover up the faded surface below. By eliminating the removal and prep time we were able to save the client a significant amount of money. We were also able to easily complete the install well within their firm deadline. As a bonus, the new frame and banner graphics were able hide several years of dents, scratches and damage these trailers had accumulated.


The Results

The final product looks amazing. Using one piece of seamless vinyl per side allows for a smooth, tight as a drum finish! By hiding all of the dings, gouges and blemishes, the trailers actually look brand new. The frame install is actually quite easy. It does not require a 3M Certified installer or any special tools. In fact, armed with a drill, the most inexperienced of our workers can complete the job (with a little supervision). The best part is we didn’t have massage one rivet! That alone makes this product worth it’s wait in gold.

The bottom line is, frame and banner fleet graphics are not the perfect solution for every fleet and they won’t replace every PSV wrap on the road. It is however, a really great option to offer clients. If you can save a client time and money while setting up future graphic replacement business, I think you can agree that it’s worth a second look! 

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