It’s really hard to imagine why someone would suffer the NIGHTMARE of Removing THIS:

…when they could just COVER It — like THIS?? (Same truck below — an hour later!)

Can somebody please explain?

Truck Graphics job produced by Perfect Appearance, Pueblo, CO.

“Brad, Wow! What a transformation!

… and what a great product to work with! The frames went on slick as you please, the graphic went on beautifully, and the end result is terrific. Why in the world would anyone ever wrap a trailer when Ackland Media Frames are out there? It saved us a HUGE chunk of time in not having to strip the atrocious graphic that was on the box, and the installation took about 1/4 of the time a wrap install would have. I have attached before and after shots of the trailer, as I believe this is the definitive example of where Ackland is best recommended for a trailer graphic. Thanks for your help in getting the frames sized correctly, making the install completely painless.”

Todd Walker, Perfect Appearance 

  (Thanks for the images, Todd. Looks AWESOME!)