Forecasts suggest a significant increase in spending for U.S. elections in 2024, reaching a staggering $16 billion. This surge, up by 31.2% from the previous presidential election, underscores the fierce competition for visibility and influence among political candidates. 

“The advertising dollars spent on U.S. elections and advocacy issues will grow to roughly $16 billion next year, up 31.2% compared to the last presidential election in 2020, according to a new forecast – Axios”

Outdoor advertising, notably mobile billboards, can  provide a platform for campaigns to reach wider audiences. Mobile billboards offer precise targeting, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility compared to traditional media like TV and radio. They can adapt ad content and routes on the fly, ensuring maximum impact. This form of advertising boasts high visibility, reaching diverse audiences regardless of location, time, or size. All of these benefits add up to a massive opportunity for sign and print professionals this election cycle.

In this article we will discuss how you can easily transform box trucks into mobile campaign billboards, using Ackland Media Frames’ changeable fleet graphic system. We will show you how these transformations can be completed in just a few hours, making this a highly profitable product with lasting benefits. No other form of political advertising can match the impact that mobile billboards provide in terms of visibility, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Let’s dive into the details of what we think is one of the biggest opportunities for the sign and print industry right now.

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The System

Converting trucks and trailers into mobile billboards for political or business promotion is quite easy in 2024. Our changeable fleet graphic system can be installed on a box truck by 2 minimally trained employees, in under an hour. That may sound impossible by traditional fleet wrap standards, but that’s what makes this system so special. 

Once Acklands patented frame is attached, adding and removing the vinyl media takes only minutes. It’s unique design also allows graphics to be changed, moved and reused, as many times as you like. Let’s look a little closer at the details to help you understand what makes this process so efficient. 

Our changeable fleet graphics system is installed in 3 simple steps:

Attach Frame Base, Hang Vinyl, Secure Frame Cap.

  1. Attach Frame Based

Ackland Media Frames aluminum base is attached to the truck using rivets. Securing the frame base multiple posts ensures that the system will remain safe and secure over time.

2. Hang The Vinyl

Ackland frames use raw edge vinyl media that is held in place by an adhesive strip on the perimeter of the frame base. That strip is used as an aid to hold the media in place while it is stretched across the frame. The vinyl media will ultimately be stretched drum tight and secured by the frame cap.

3. Secure Frame Cap

The final step in the process is securing the media by attaching the frame cap. The frame cap is secured to the frame base on all sides with screws. As the screws are tightened, our patented design eliminates any remaining wrinkles in the vinyl and forms a clamp that holds the media securely in place.

Increased Visibility

Imagine driving down the street and seeing a massive billboard rolling by, right in front of you. That’s the power of a mobile billboard for a political campaign.

 It’s like having your message on wheels, reaching people wherever they go. And get this: mobile billboards get a whopping 45% more engagement than those static billboards according to APN

That means more eyes on your message, more chances to connect with voters, and ultimately, more impact for your campaign. That’s a valuable advantage to have when it comes to down a tight political race.


If you’ve never run a political campaign, know that things change fast. Mobile billboards give candidates the flexibility to roll with the punches. Need to target a specific neighborhood or demographic? Easy peasy, just drive your billboard right where you want it. And when your message needs a refresh to stay on top of the latest developments, no problem! Mobile billboards let you update your messaging in a flash, keeping your campaign as dynamic as the world around it. No other advertising product offers that kind of versatility for the price.

Cost Effectiveness

Talk about  bang for your buck! When it comes to getting your message out there in a big way without breaking the bank, mobile political billboards are where it’s at. According to the OOHAA they cost over 50% less than TV, radio, or print ads. That means you can stretch your campaign budget further and reach more folks for less money. Plus, with mobile billboards, you’re not just hoping someone flips to your ad or stumbles upon it in a magazine – you’re hitting the streets and making a real impression, all while saving those precious campaign dollars.

Post Campaign

The final point I want to discuss is the post campaign status of these trucks. As mentioned above, one of the best features of Ackland’s fleet graphic system is its flexibility. Changeable fleet graphics give truck owners the ability to support their favorite candidate and then return the trucks to company branding afterward. Whether a campaign uses donated trucks or a supporter  utilizes their fleet to benefit a candidate they support, returning the graphics back to corporate branding only takes minutes. 

That means there is no risk or exorbitant cost for either the truck owner or the campaign. No wrap removal or extra surface prep cost involved. That’s just one more massive benefit that Ackland’s changeable fleet graphics offer. 

So, there you have it. An easy way to take advantage of the massive political spending in 2024 by providing a product that print and sign pro’s, political candidates, and truck owners can all  benefit from now, and in the future.

If you would like a sample of Ackland’s changeable fleet graphic system, click below and we will send one to you free!

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