Truck Kit Pricing



Our Truckside Advertising Team is unsurpassed in helping companies transform their rolling fleets into stunning, revenue producing billboards. With Ackland Media Frames, you’ll find all the pieces of the Truck/Trailer branding puzzle.

  • The System – Proprietary, Patented Media Frame
  • The Media – Wide-Format Digital Print Production
  • The Messaging – Creative Design/Graphics Department
  • The Experience – Fleet Logistics/Management, Nationwide!


SAVINGS: On the 1st Installation, Ackland will typically cut 20%-50% off the total price of a traditional decal “Wrap”.

Once the Ackland System is installed and the message needs to be updated, you can save customers 50-70% every time graphics are changed!

UP-TIME! – In the trucking industry, we all know that “Downtime” is a dirty word. The longer trucks are out of service, the more the headaches pile up. A typical PSV (sticky-back) Wrap puts a trailer out of service 2-4 days. Ackland installs take LESS THAN ONE DAY!



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