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Extreme Make-Overs

Ackland Media Frames manufacturers and distributes a state-of-the-art attachment system for displaying and interchanging non-adhesive vinyl media.
Our Frames can be used to create dynamic advertising on trucks, billboards, signs, and virtually any flat or semi-flat surface. Other systems require costly finishing like cables, hems, grommets, heat welds, pulley wheels, tensioning devices, and even special tools! With Ackland Media Frames, just your freshly printed vinyl with a raw edge works perfectly. This one feature saves a lot of time and money. (Call for details, we’ll explain how.)
As our system’s creator (Jerry Ackland) said, “The Beauty is the Simplicity.”
Ackland Media Frames go on surfaces where pressure-sensitive or “sticky-back” vinyl can’t. Rough, uneven, smooth, painted, corrugated, textured, rock, metal, wood, drywall — endless possibilities!  You can also reface old or damaged walls; dented, scratched, vandalized or weather-worn surfaces become better than new, with Ackland Frames.

We call ‘em The Extreme Make-Over System for Buildings & Walls”

Almost any size, almost any surface, installation of Ackland Media Frames requires no special tools. Just your basic drill or screw gun, maybe a pop-rivet gun.Just your basic drill or screw gun or riveter.’ Our frames were originally designed for covering the sides of large, big rig trucks and semi-trailers, so constant high winds are not a factor. You can use the frames for permanent or temporary applications. When you change graphics it’s simple and it’s easy.
Some of our clients like to remove the vinyl and store it, then use it again later. So, the vinyl is reusable and you can reuse the frame as many times as you like.  Print your own media and ship the roll straight to the job site! If you encounter unforeseen circumstances at the job site, which is frequently the case, no problem — you can cut or expand the frame to fit — on-site!
If you’re a sign shop or a large format digital printer, you’ll see why Ackland Frames are rapidly becoming a printer’s best friend

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