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Which Media Frame is Right For Me?


Jerry Ackland – (Our inspiration.)


The “Original” Ackland Media Frame is a 2-piece aluminum “Picture Frame” that makes attaching and removing flexible vinyl graphics simple and cost-effective. A home run cost advantage on the first install – a GRAND SLAM on change-outs! Turn Any Wall, Truck, or Building into an Eye-Catching Billboard.
  • Works on Walls & Trucks
  • Self-Tensioning, with No Moving Parts!
  • Requires No Special Tools
  • Uses Vinyl with Raw Edge
  • No Hems, Beading or Fabrication Required
  • Frames & Vinyl are Re-Usable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Available with NO Mechanical Anchors
  • Powder-Coating Available in Any Color
  • Huge Saving on Change-Outs

Frame Specs

Frame Width: 3″
Frame Profile Height: ½” (off of substrate)
Vinyl Size: SAME as Outer Dimension of Frame
Important: Vinyl should have a RAW EDGE. No hems, grommets, or finishing of any kind.
Artwork Layout: 3″ Bleed
Viewable Opening/”Live” Area:  Equals Frame Size MINUS 6″ Height & Width


“Snap” or “flip” style frames have been around for a decades and have been extremely popular for displaying standard size (paper) posters. As large format digital printing became a mainstream signage component, we at Ackland began asking, “Why can’t there be an easy-open wall frame that can also work with large printed banner vinyl – or even rigid material like coroplast, or polystyrene?” This would mean change-outs could be done easily, in many business settings by people without professional experience, in no time flat.

At 1.75” wide, it’s a slimmer frame, typically for indoor applications. Super simple to operate, in fact – it’s a SNAP.  When ordering, please specify which type of media you’re planning to use inside your Snap-Cap frame, so we can adjust the corner cuts to fit the thickness.

Frame Specs

Frame Profile Height: 3/8″ (off substrate)
Frame Width: 1.75 “
Vinyl Size: Frame Size MINUS 2″
Bleed: .75″
Important: Media (rigid or flexible) should have a RAW EDGE. No hems, grommets, or finishing of any kind.
Viewable Opening/“LIVE” area: FRAME SIZE minus 3.5″
Frame Size: 6′ x 10′
Vinyl Size: 5′ 10″ x 9′ 10″
Viewable Opening: 5′ 8.5″ x 9′ 8.5″