Media Frame

This Product Will Save You Time & Money

There are certain things we can all do to prepare for a period of economic uncertainty. With inflation still running high and labor issues dominating the headlines, we must find ways to provide more value to customers while continuing to turn a profit.

Selling products that save you time (labor cost), and Money (profit), can certainly put you in the best position to succeed…

One product that can do both of those things is Media Frames.

Media Frames Achieve

Repeat Business

Quick Installs/Replacements


Professional Design


Increased customers


Increased roi


Increased engagements

Standard Lengths

7ft., 8ft., 9ft lengths: Like lumber, straight-cut ends. Lowest price per foot, but need to be cut and mitered to your exact specs at your shop or job site. Recommended for jobs where the exact measurements are questionable or are subject to change. (Frames should be cut using a chop saw with a metal blade for cutting aluminum.)

Custom Sizes

Already mitered, cut to your specifics. Cost/foot is a little higher than Basic Bulk, but you’ll save time and labor costs because you won’t have to cut the frames. This method may also save you on shipping because the weight and size of the package may be reduced.

Extrustion Specs


Ackland’s SnapCap is a patented design feature that allows for the quick and easy removal and replacement of digital media.


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