With so many signage and print products to promote and sell, it can be difficult to narrow down our social media efforts. We at Ackland Media Frames understand the power of social media and it’s ability to grab your customers’attention. So we wanted to help jump start your marketing efforts in regards to banner frame products. Below are 6 separate, unbranded social media posts you can use to market banner frames to your audience.

Feel free to download any or all of these posts and make it your own. We focused on 3 market segments to get the ball rolling; Schools, Car Dealers and Malls. These are 3 areas that banner frames can be utilized for promoting brands, displaying sponsorships, and generating monthly ad revenue.

Take a look….


School Banner Frame Sponsorship
School Banner Frame Display

Car Dealerships

Car Dealer banner frame displays
Car Dealer banner frame billboard

Shopping Malls

Parking Garage banner frames
Mall banner frame ad

I hope this content will help you spread awareness about your company’s capabilities when it comes to banner frames. These displays are a great “foot in the door” product that can often lead to lucrative repeat business, and long-term business relationships!

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