“We did our first swap-out from last year’s batch. A Student Driver from our Truck Driving School (client) took out a STOP sign and tore the vinyl about 9 feet. 1 side swapped – Start to Finish 40 minutes! We’re getting good with this stuff! 15 down, 3 more to go this year.” – Adam

The trailer involved was much like the ones pictured here. 8′ high x 52′ in length. Hard to imagine a faster solution to R&R graphics, but if anyone out there knows of one, please let me know. Also, can anyone send in the amount of labor it would take to remove and replace 8′ x 52′ of pressure-sensitive/decal for comparison? Thanks for the story & pics, Adam. Great work, by the way. (Kind of ironic, considering the advertised message: “We Teach. You Drive.” 😉

                                              we-teach-you-to-drive-semi-1        we-teach-you-to-drive-semis

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