Congratulations to Nashville’s BRAND IMAGING GROUP.

(Thank You, Matt Vietti and Team!)

As our company and our sign company customer base have grown, one of my favorite things about traveling is the possibility of getting an out-of-the-blue surprise by seeing the Ackland Frame product in action. We ship the product to sign company professionals around the world, but we don’t usually know where they will end up. As founder of a company, and holder of a unique patent, to see the product that may have passed literally “through your hands” (or at least, through your shop) in action – thousands of miles away, is really a treat.

Earlier this year, my wife and I were in Nashville, TN, for a branding workshop at the 5by5 Agency. We parked in a church lot, a block away from the Country Music Hall of Fame, and rounded the corner next to the Bridgestone Arena, when we were dwarfed by the towering graphics announcing the Stanley Cup playoffs, happening then and there. (Obviously they had put some FRAMES in their GAMES.)


This was such a huge and impressive project that our customer Brand Imaging Group was featured in the November issue Sign & Digital Graphics magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s certainly an enviable position for any sign company – your home team has made it to the finals, and the league wants you to create all the signage for a run to victory, practically overnight. But the news comes at exactly the same time two other high-profile clients need your help, not to mention all of your regular customers, just as summer is setting in.

For Nashville’s Brand Imaging Group, 2017 was certainly one for the record books, as the local Nashville Predators hockey team progressed to the NHL’s Stanley Cup finals. The 23-year-old sign and print company, the team’s official print partner, was called into duty to deck out Bridgestone Arena for the big games with items including 40-by-40-foot vinyl banners, plus elevator wraps and tabletop graphics.

Scott Snoyer, Brand Imaging Group’s owner and founder, and creative director Ryan Payne, were of course delighted to help the local heroes as they fought it out (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

But that very late-season extension of the Predators’ season and some 91 signs with a one-week turnaround also coincided with major commitments to Nashville’s yearly Country Music Association Festival – requiring more than 800 stage coverings, car magnets, street banners, table tents and bike rack covers – plus a new, secret project they were also developing with the National Football League.

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