We all know the old saying: “Time is money.” This concept certainly rings true when it comes to fleet graphics. Although, installing PSV graphics on trucks and trailers has become a key product offering for many print and sign shops, the time and effort involved can eat into profits. With the exploding popularity of fleet branding and mobile advertising as a viable marketing strategy, the demand for affordable and efficient fleet graphics installation will only grow.

Coming Changes

Out of home advertising continues to grow at a steady pace. In fact, revenue rose 0.3 percent in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the previous year, accounting for $1.64 billion, based on figures released by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).

The revenue increase marks the industry’s 7th year of consecutive growth.

As driving technology advances, the impact of advertising on the road will likely become greater. According to media website Axios.com: “The billboard industry says self-driving vehicles will only make their billboard ads more valuable. If drivers become passengers, they would still be aware of the roadside signage. Maybe more so,” said Andy Sriubus, Chief Commercial Officer at Outfront Media U.S., which is a major provider of billboards. “In fact, we would be able to add better engaged creative to boards which would normally require more of a person’s attention than a driver could spare.”

Research tells us that truckside advertising is 2.5 time more effective than billboards. It’s safe to conclude that the coming increase in attention on billboards will likely have an even greater impact on truckside advertising.

Increased Demand

If the predictions prove true about the future of driving and OOH, then an increase in demand for fleet advertising will likely follow. As fleet graphics shift away from branding and toward advertising, more affordable and efficient installation and replacement methods will become increasingly vital. The current process of surface prep, PSV installation, graphic removal, re-prep surface, re-installation of PSV, will likely become arduous if and when frequent graphic changes become the norm. Not to mention the time and training burden that will fall directly on the print and sign shop owners themselves. As with any industry, when demand shifts, the companies that want to remain relevant and competitive must adapt or run the risk extinction.

Change is here

With constant technological advances affecting just about every part of lives and businesses, it make sense for such advances to influence the OOH industry and fleet graphics specifically. Products and methods have been changing and advancing for years and I see no indication things slowing down anytime soon. One particular product that may very well suit the coming demand in truck advertising is the frame and banner graphic system.

Currently, there are several varying methods used to achieve the same goal, but the concept of installing a frame to carry changeable, non adhesive graphics has been growing in demand over the past decade. The benefits of these systems for installers are many including: time saving and ease of use, less training and major cost savings. In fact recent feedback from Kathy at Precision Graphics in Burnsville, MN demonstrates several of those advantages. She writes:

“The graphic frame install on our Hytest truck project went well – it was easier than we expected. It was nice to avoid dealing with all the rivets and imperfections you get with a normal truck wrap. The before and after images show a dramatic difference, and the customer was very happy.” – Precision Signs and Images

Many companies have reported a timing savings of 50% or more on installations of frame and banner systems compared to their PSV installs. With no specialized training or certifications needed, the ease of installation also plays a major factor. 

Cost savings and the ability to pass that on to the client, has to be the biggest benefit of the frame and banner method. Eliminating surface prep and graphic removal alone, produces a huge boost to the bottom line, but by far the biggest advantage to using such systems lies in the graphic changes. Once the frame has been installed, the cost of changing a graphic is often 75% less than installing new PSV. With an anticipated increase in fleet advertising, graphic changes will be a vital piece of that puzzle. Being able to save customers so dramatically on those changes will certainly put you at a competitive advantage. 

The cost of changing a graphic is often 75% less than installing new PSV.

The bottom line is that the future waits for no one. Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever and as business owners we have to be ready to adapt quickly. Many industry leaders point to a coming increase in OOH advertising, in both roadside billboards and truckside advertising. To be prepared for such a shift, you must examine your existing methods and determine the way forward. We can’t predict exactly what will come, but we can prepare the best products today that will help us for the future.  

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