With so many signage options available today, fabrication and installation can quickly become complicated. With the cost of design, materials, permits and labor on the rise, we often find our profit margins on the decline. In this article we’ll highlight a product that’s on the opposite end of the spectrum. One that has low material cost, requires no fabrication and is easy to install. All of which contributes to a high profit potential and unlimited upside for a sign or print shop. That product is banner frames with vinyl banner media.

Banner frames can be applied to so many areas of the sign and print industry. From walls and buildings, to trucks and billboards, the adaptable nature of banner frames can expand your product offering with no investment in equipment or expensive software. Below are 8 brilliant signage projects created using only banner frames and vinyl media. Hopefully these examples will open your mind to the endless opportunities banner frames can provide you and your customers.

8 Banner Frame Signage Projects

1. World Cup

World Cup Billboard made with Banner Frames

This California soccer store teamed up with Nike to promote the World Cup. This huge display needed to be installed and removed within a 2 day window. Banner frames were a great choice for such a temporary campaign.

2. Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney banner frames

Downtown Disney wanted to cover up the old decor on one of its buildings. Banner Frames were a perfect choice for this project given the changeable aspect of the product. Now Disney can change themes whenever they want to run a new promotion.

3. Parking Garage

This Shopping Mall got hip to the fact that they could generate monthly revenue by displaying advertising on the walls of their parking garage. Several large displays were created using banner frames and now the mall is raking in the advertising dollars.

4. College Office

College Signage with banner frames

This College wanted a display that left no confusion for new students. By creating this massive display using banner frames and vinyl, the school now has a way to convey important messages to its student body without breaking the bank.

5. Lighted Monument Sign

Lighted Monument Sign with Banner Frames

This University wanted an alternative to its old lighted monument sign for satellite campuses. Using banner frames paired with a backlit vinyl material, allows a more flexible and economic signage solution.

6. Giant Rabbit

Giant Rabbit with Banner Frames

This town commissioned an art project to brighten some of its downtown buildings. This massive rabbit was created with 5 banner frame displays and added some much needed character to the landscape. See more building displays

7. Shipping Container

Shipping Container with banner frames

This University in the northeast wanted to utilize some shipping containers near its athletic complex. Covering them with school spirit was easy, using banner frames and vinyl.

8. Scoreboard

This Southern California christen school wanted to inject some Christmas spirit while informing the public of upcoming events. By installing banner frames, they were able to convert the back of this football scoreboard into a massive billboard seen by thousands of commuters, everyday.

Hopefully, the above examples provide some insight to the unlimited opportunities that banner frames can provide. There are so many other applications that could have been included here but, I think these 8 projects represent a vast range of possibilities. If you’re looking for something that will expand your product offering and without draining your bank account, then look no further. Banner frames are the perfect product to serve your clients unique signage needs, while adding depth to your profit potential.

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