Malls are full of revenue opportunities year round for sign and print professionals to take advantage of. Those opportunities increase during the holiday season due to the influx of promotion created around Christmas. This time of year, malls all across the country spread holiday cheer in the form of visual displays of all sizes. From banners to elevator wraps, window perfs to posters, the need for print and installation services has a noticeable jump in the fourth quarter. In this post, we discuss ways sign and print professionals can take advantage of this opportunity using banner frames!

Nearly one-third (32%) of marketers plan to increase

their promotional activity this holiday season…”


3 Ways To Increase Mall Sales Using Banner Frames

1. Banner Frames on Exterior Walls

Advertising on exterior wall space can be a huge revenue generator for any mall or shopping center. They can charge stores monthly fees to be featured on these displays or use them to sweeten other deals like lease negotiations. The key to having profitable wallscape advertising is installing the right display system. These systems should be easy to install, easy to change and be able to weather the elements.

Banner frames one of the most profitable ways to create these mini billboard ads. The right banner frame system will make both the initial installation and the media changes fast and easy. Using 13oz vinyl will ensure quick production turn around. Banner Frames made from ionized aluminum, can be custom cut to any size and will last for years in all types of weather.

2. Banner Frames on Interior Walls

Banner frame soffit

Interior wall space at malls can often get as much exposure as outdoor displays. Especially during the holiday season, increased mall traffic can provide an arbitrage of advertising opportunities. Banner frames are the perfect product to create changeable ad displays in unique spaces inside the mall. Since most banner frames can be custom cut to many shapes and sizes, you can get creative with the wall space.

When you introduce the idea that a mall’s wall space can easily be converted to revenue generating assets, you will see the wheels start to turn. Suddenly, every inch of empty wall space becomes a potential gold mine and you have the equipment necessary to produce gold. The best part for sign and print shops is, once the equipment is in place (banner frames), the gold reproduces itself! Meaning, these ads will need to be changed every time a new advertiser leases the space. That equates to new print and install revenue for your business, over and over again. That may not seem like much money when looking at one wall display, but when you look at multiple ad spaces on both the exterior and interior of a mall, the repeat business really starts to add up.

3. Banner Frames on Parking Garage Walls

One often overlooked part of a mall in terms of advertising opportunities, is the parking garage. If you think about it, almost every person that shops at a mall will drive there. A large number of those people will park their vehicle in a parking garage when available. This creates a perfect opportunity to utilize the walls of these parking structures for advertising.

Banner frames are the perfect product to create ad displays on a concrete substrate. Unlike decal wraps, banner frames can be secured to a concrete surface with screws. This eliminates the risk of the media peeling and falling down over time. Once installed, the right banner frame can make future media changes fast, and easy. That means more money in your pocket.

There you have it, 3 different ways to generate mall revenue using banner frames. The photos in this post are all real examples of advertising displays created with Ackland Media Frames and 13oz vinyl banners. In many of these examples, the mall was presented the idea by a sign or print professional. Often, these malls were not even aware that such advertising opportunities existed. Once the concept was brought to their attention, most were eager to explore the opportunity. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door of a client that has huge profit potential, especially around the holidays!

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