Well, we’re half way through summer and things are heating up. As I was thinking about ways to help turn up the heat on your summer sales effort, suddenly it hit me……Think BIGGER.
One of the best features of Ackland Media Frames is the ability to GO BIG. In fact, the bigger the project, the more value our frames can bring to you customers. Below I will talk about 3 ways thinking bigger can increase your bottom line this summer.
1. The Bigger the project, the Bigger the price tag.
Getting customers to think bigger is not always easy. Often times they have their mind made up before ever calling your company. But as every installer knows, once you hit the job site, there’s almost always room to go bigger.
Bigger graphics and more installation, means more sales. The good news is, an increase in revenue will usually far outweigh the increased cost to your business. Installers are already on the job, resources are already being used, any boost in revenue at his point, will return hefty margins. 
The bottom line is this, if you’er going to be working on a job, you can increase your bottom line by showing your client how to maximize space and go as BIG as possible.
2. The Bigger the Graphic, the more Attention for your Client.
Clearly, bigger jobs can benefit your company financially, but it’s not only a one way street. Advising a client in maximizing their graphic messages, is always good business practice. The fact is visibility sells. The more exposure your client’s message has, the more effective it will be, or as Matrix Media’s Blog puts it:
“The larger the ad is, the more opportunities it has to be seen.”
The resulting increase in eyeballs can have a dramatic positive affect on your client’s bottom line.
That sounds like a Win, Win to me! Take the time to explain to your clients about the benefits of maximizing space and watch your summer sales climb.
3. A Bigger proposal, showcases your capabilities.
Do your customers know the extent of your company’s capabilities? If not, the Ackland Media Frame is the perfect product to show them off. Whether you are installing a 8′ x 8′ Mall Ad or a 24′ x 12′ Car Dealer Wallscape, the work is virtually the same. The only difference is adding more frame pieces and larger vinyl. No, extra man power, equipment or resources required.
Obviously, doubling the size of a job has many benefits to your company. Giving a client the confidence that you can handle larger scale work, can positively influence their decisions on future projects. That means you have a possible win now, while setting your company up for wins in the future.
As I said at the top, summer is here and things are getting hot. You can heat up your sales effort by simply thinking bigger. Your customers need visibility, even if they don’t realize it. Take the time to show them where they can go bigger and boost everyone’s bottom line.
If you need more ideas to present to your customers this summer, download our FREE Un-Branded Sales Book.