“The Drive-By Customer bought 65 BOATS!”


Here’s how “On-Premises” Wallscapes featuring the Ackland Media Frame brought in $3 Million in Revenue from a drive-by prospect. Then read how, in just a few short years, the $3 Million grew to over $10 Million!!

The Story

“You’ll never guess what happened!”  said Bryan, of Kentuckiana Yacht Sales. “Several weeks ago, two executives from a barge management company walked in and said that they saw our large sign on the front of our building with a picture of a Zodiac. We want to purchase some. … They bought 65!”  (Since the original article was written, Steve Scalph of Sign Here Ltd reports the # of Zodiac Boats sold stemming from the Wall Graphics has grown to well over 200!)

To top it all off, the wallscape merely had an image of a boat, with NO TEXT! 

Awareness –>  Interest—> Desire —> ACTION!  (Visibility Sells)

The International Sign Association’s recently completed survey of new businesses indicated that only 1% of new clients frequented a business because of television advertising, while 49% of new clients walk through the doors because of on-premises signage.

The Rest of the Story

The barge management company was less than one mile from Kentuckiana Yacht Sales. For over 40 years, Kentuckiana Yacht Sales had been housed in a large steel building in Jeffersonville, Indiana (across the Ohio River from Louisville.). The barge management company’s neighbor is a barge manufacturer that is adjacent to KYS. For this reason, many people believe that KYS makes barges. Bryan contacted Sign Here (www.SignHereLtd.com) in Indianapolis.

“Typically most sign business comes from within a 10 mile radius of my store location. Sign Here was contracted to fabricate and install seven 19 foot x 10 foot framed banners along the front of KYS steel building. Because of the corrugated metal building we needed something that would stand off of the building, but we did not want anything that protruded more than an inch or two. Kentuckiana Yacht Sales provided us with the artwork for the banners that were printed on large format printers. Each banner was a picture of a different product.”

Using the Ackland Media Framing system and 300 dpi printed media, Sign Here personnel installed the vinyl on the front of Kentuckiana Yacht Sales. Their first reaction was that these large images were “traffic stoppers”!

A quick word about our product: The Ackland Media Frame is a 2-part anodized aluminum mounting system that tensions and holds non-adhesive vinyl media. There are no special tools needed for installation, nor is there a unique perimeter required to be affixed or fabricated onto the banner vinyl. This makes installation and replacement a simple process. Sign Here has installed Ackland Frames on a number of semi-trailers, and also a 40 ft x 10 ft system on a corrugated building in Indianapolis.

Special Thanks to Steve Scalph, then owner of Sign Here Ltd. Steve is an esteemed member of the Sign Biz Network and former member of the Sign Biz Advisory Board. For over 15 years, Sign Here has been providing outstanding customer service and solutions to clients signage needs.


 Well, I suppose there are several:

  1. As signage professionals, we’re not selling SIGNS. We’re selling ADVERTISING. It’s about branding, and image, and messaging – not merely about the SIGN. But most of all, it’s about exposure. It’s about EYEBALLS. About getting peoples’ attention, and then sparking their interest, appealing to their needs/desires, and leading them to ACTION, which will ultimately a benefit to those who respond.
  2. Though it’s about the MESSAGE, sometimes it doesn’t take many WORDS. Case in point, you’ll notice only the BOAT and the BRAND – but nothing else. This Drive-By advertisement created awareness for just the right passer-by.
  3. ADVERTISING (as a product) is far more profitable than SIGNAGE. (At the risk of offending our entire client base) let me explain WHY:
    • SIGNS are sold on a “cost plus margin” basis. ADVERTISING is sold based on TRAFFIC, regardless of the cost.
    • SIGNS are sold against COMPETITORS, who may also offer the exact same product. ADVERTISING can be sold based on a one-of-a-kind location, with a value all its own.
    • SIGNS are sold ONE time. ADVERTISING is often sold on a monthly basis, over and over, and over – again regardless of the initial cost.
    • Even if the client isn’t shelling out %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;over and over (because they own the property and purchased the “sign”), the benefits they will be reaping WILL come in on an ongoing basis. Once their acquisition cost is invested, it’s like FREE advertising, from that point on. No maintenance or carrying costs.
    • If they want to freshen things up, or reinvigorate their messaging, the change-out cost is a fraction of the initial cost. (Tiny in comparison to the potential upside.) But still a nice profitable REPEAT sale for you, the vendor.
    • SIGNS are often viewed as an EXPENSE, while ADVERTISING (if it works) is perceived as an INVESTMENT.
  4. The RETURN on INVESTMENT of High-Impact Wallscapes can be astronomical.
  5. You’ll become their favorite vendor. VISIBILITY SELLS. With returns like these, you’ll hold a special place in your customers’ hearts. You’ll be the vendor that makes thing happen, and brings in “boatloads” of cash.Talk about referrals! There’s simply not a more economical way to cover large, highly visible space with colorful, dynamic, and changeable advertising. Put some FRAME in your game.

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