Many in the print and sign industry offer a wide range products to try and gain a diverse customer base and hopefully turn a healthy profit. Sometimes that pursuit leads us to focus on higher ticket products that tend to yield a high profit margin. In doing so, you may be ignoring a simple fact that could impact your business in a big way. That fact is that outdoor advertising can often have a far bigger upside than other signage products in the long run. Take a look at the info graphic below to see 3 areas where advertising has a massive profit potential…
The great news is: selling advertising and advertising products are one of many opportunities that can dramatically increase revenue for your business. The massive potential of producing advertising opportunities can be a very exciting outlook. Given the steady growth of Out-of-Home Advertising over the last 5 years, we can confidently predict a continued path upward in the near future.

Not A Media Company?

In today’s environment, you don’t have to become a national media giant to create monthly advertising revenue. No longer do you have to spend millions constructing billboards along the highway in order to build a revenue producing portfolio. In fact, there are plenty of real opportunities in your area that you can take advantage of today. Many printing and signage professionals are discovering new sources of recurring revenue using non-traditional platforms.


Low Barrier of Entry 

A fundamental principle in advertising remains that exposure drives revenue. The more eyeballs that land on an advertising medium, the more valuable that space becomes. It matters not if the medium is TV, Magazines, Billboards or Trucks, if enough people see it, value is generated and can be monetized. For that very reason, today,  we see people all over the world turning things like buildings, walls and trucks into advertising assets. With the recent explosion in affordable digitally printed media, it’s easier than ever to produce large, full-color advertising displays. This evolution in media production has destroyed a major barrier of entry into this lucrative advertising sector.  Even if your current capabilities don’t include printing wide format, the expanding army of wholesale print suppliers are eager to provide what you need.

New Advertising Opportunities


Buildings, Walls and Trucks

As mentioned above, the key to advertising is EXPOSURE. That simple fact is what makes potential opportunities around us virtually limitless. An empty wall on a building in a high traffic area, the side of a truck that drives around town all day, walls in a parking garage at the mall, are just a few examples of spaces that can be converted into ad revenue. Those opportunities can be taken advantage of in many different ways. Arrangements can be made through partnerships with property owners, service agreements with trucking lines or simply providing recurring production and installation services. No matter your approach, the reality that you already work in the print and sign industry, puts you in a unique position to cash in on these streams of revenue with little investment. 
Whether you’re looking to grow your sign business, expand your print services or simply gain some passive revenue, advertising is a great opportunity to consider. The skills and capabilities needed to create monthly ad revenue can be achieved by simply adapting some of your current service offerings. If out-of-home-advertising continues on it’s upward path, you will surely create a bright future for your business by positioning yourself as a “go to” for high profile advertising displays.
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