You’ve no doubt heard the term “Seeing is believing”. In sales, that phrase is certainly true. The more a prospective client can see, touch, feel, and experience the benefits of our product, the more likely they are to purchase. That’s no secret, in fact the auto industry has been using this technique for ages. The test drive is one of the most successful product demo of all time. Auto Dealer Today says this:

“The numbers don’t lie: We have found that test drives increase closing ratios dramatically, by more than 10% with new guests and almost 15% with appointments.

People want to feel like they have all the available knowledge when it comes to making a decision about purchasing. Involving them in a product demo can boost their confidence level and make it easier to close the sale.

Product Demos and The Sign/Print Industry

When it comes to the Sign and Print industry, we are too often left showing renderings and mock-ups to satisfy our prospects questions. Without an actual product demo, it can be difficult to convey the impact certain features and benefits may have on their business. With more technical products that involve lots of detail, a product demo becomes even more important.

Product videos, glossy print media and in-depth literature can all play a roll in moving the prospect along the sales cycle, but if you really want to get someone excited about a product, involve them in a live product demo and watch your closing rate climb. Get samples and demonstration pieces from your vendors!

The video above shows how having a working showroom demo can really add to your sales pitch. We love to give our clients every advantage possible when closing a sale. That’s why we’re offering you 50% off our Power Brand Wallscape Demo.

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