One of the first companies to try our new SNAPCAP frame was The Sign Chef ( ). They had a high end client in Beverly Hills named Marina Rinaldi, that was looking for a way to display large format graphics in their store front window. They also wanted to easily change those graphics as their marketing changed. This client was a fashion boutique with very high profile clients, so the solution had to project quality.

The Solution

We recommended our brand new frame product the Ackland SNAPCAP for the job. This light duty “flip” style frame would allow for a sleek, high end appearance with no visible fasteners. It would also make future graphic changes easy and cost effective. This particular display was 7′ wide and 10′ tall which your typical “flip” style frame would not be able to accommodate. Luckily, the Ackland SNAPCAP can be produced in virtually any size.

snap cap  snap cap snap cap  

The Result

The final product looks fantastic! Marina Rinaldi now has a very classy, large format display they can change when needed. Sign Chef was very happy with how the Ackland SNAPCAP turned out for their client. The best part is that while this display fits right in with it’s Beverly Hills surroundings, it’s price would fit in at your local Costco. The Ackland SNAPCAP Frame cost about 40% less than our Classic Media Frame. That’s right, 40% less!

The bottom line is, providing the most value to a customer is what makes for a great business. The Ackland SNAPCAP gives you the ability to provide tremendous value to your clients while creating a healthy profit in the process!

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