For sign and graphics providers large and small, landing that huge client can pay massive dividends for years to come. Such a client in need of a wide range of products and services, that has the budget to support it. Sports franchises, arenas, and concert venues are examples of the type of client that can elevate your business to a whole new level . 

Often, the challenge is not in meeting the needs of a large client, but finding the thing that will peak their interest. Giving them a reason to take a look at your work. One product we’ve seen generate interest and have a real impact on a client’s buying decision, is banner frames. 

Of all the large format products, banner frames have much to offer in terms of versatility, sustainability and profitability. Let’s examine how each of those features can help you land that next big client. 

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When considering the needs of a large venue or organization, we must provide products that can fulfill a wide range of visual communications. From small branding stickers, to giant scoreboard graphics, there can literally be thousands of products and services on the table. Today we are going to focus on the large format aspect, because it gets the most attention.

When it comes to large format products, banner frames can be one of the most adaptable. The customizable nature of banner frames can provide the versatility you need to create high impact displays of almost any size. From small branding signage, to large sponsor billboards, banner frames can be attached to a range of different substrates. Whether installed indoors or out, banner frames can be created in many different shapes, providing more opportunities to design a visual experience. Having such versatility built into one product, banner frames allow you to provide more solutions while minimizing possible supply chain issues.

banner frames work in any shape

These changeable wallscapes can be created, using just two components: a banner frame and digitally printed vinyl. Thus, eliminating the need for complicated components, and a time consuming fabrication process. All these features add up to one versatile product, that you can pitch to any big prospective client with confidence.


As you’re probably aware by now, the sustainability of products has become a major focus of consumers across the globe. A 2022 article in Forbes Magazine sites a study that claims:  

“Consumers across all generations—from Baby Boomers to Gen Z—are now willing to spend more for sustainable products.”

The impact of this trend has not been lost on the sign and printing industry. Many suppliers are adjusting the way they source and produce materials, to minimize impact on the environment. Banner frames can provide a distinct advantage in this area.

Large sporting venues, like stadiums, arenas, and ballparks, maintain advertising displays that are constantly changing. Sponsors, vendors, and players come and go, requiring graphics to be updated on a regular basis. Certain large format products require removal and disposal, before being replaced with a brand new graphic. Over time, this waste can up, costing both your client and the environment.

Banner frames, by contrast, allow for fast and easy graphic changes. The vinyl banners can be stored, rotated, and reused in the future. Instead of disposing of a seasonal wall wrap for example, a banner can be removed from its frame, stored and reinstalled the following season. 

This is a great feature that can reduce waste, and save your client money in the long term. That’s certainly one benefit that will raise eyebrows in a sales pitch.


What makes large venues so attractive to sign and print companies is the massive profit potential they represent. We’ve already discussed some large format opportunities available, but that barely scratches the surface when it comes to the list of products and services they may need.

Interior and exterior wall graphics, stair risers and bleacher graphics, floor graphics, window graphics, vehicle graphics and wraps, pole banners, wayfinding or directional signage are all standard products needed in most large venues.

You can unlock these huge sales opportunities by simply getting your foot in the door with just one product. Banner frames have the potential to be that type of product. Given its changeable nature, low material cost, and easy installation, creating eye popping displays is easy and profitable with the right banner frame. Add versatility to and sustainability to the equation, and you have a winning formula to win that next big job!

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