Meet our installer of the year, Fino Garcia.

fleet graphics installer

He is one of Ackland’s most valued employees for his ability to get the job done regardless of the circumstances. When we sent Fino to Tennessee as a part of our Nationwide Installation Program, we knew the customer was in good hands. The job entailed installing Ackland Media Frames on a single 53’ trailer for one of our media clients. This work was to be done at their customer’s distribution site. Having been to this facility prior with an installation team, Fino was familiar with the task ahead. The challenge for this day was to complete the job by himself.

Typically, the process to install our Fleet Graphics System includes 2 or more people. For this particular job, Fino suggested he could complete the install on his own. Given the timing of the project and the fact there was only one trailer, we decided to give it a shot.

Well, the client could not have been more pleased with the result. We were equally pleased with how smooth and quickly the work was completed. Fino was able to install our Ackland Media Frames on both sides of a 53’ trailer in only 4 hours and 44 minutes! Here’s how he did it….

Step 1: Install Base Plates

The process gets started by installing the Base Plates on both sides of the trailer. Using a scissor lift and a rivet gun, Fino was able to attach more than 240 linear feet of aluminum extrusion in 46 minutes 39 seconds.


Step 2: Hang Vinyl

Once the base plates were installed, the next challenge was hanging over 800 sq.ft. of vinyl banner by himself. Never one to back away from a challenge, Fino fabricated a tool to hold up the roll of vinyl so he could use both hands to attach it to the base plate. Hanging, stretching and trimming, 2 vinyl graphics brought the running time to 2hrs 29mins.

Step 3: Fasten Top Caps

The final step was to install the Top Cap over the graphics. This component secures and stretches the vinyl to a drum-tight finish. No bubbles, no wrinkles, all done without massaging a single rivet!

Start to finish, the job was completed in just 4hrs and 44mins! Compared to the traditional PSV Wrap installation, this was quite an accomplishment. We would love to give all the credit to our Ackland Media Frames System but, in truth, Fino deserves the accolades. His work ethic and “do whatever takes attitude” made this project go better than we could have imagined.

Thank you Fino, you are truly our Installer of the Year!

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