(This just in from SIGNS BY SCOTT, Colorado State Fair!)

Hi Guys,

We’ve had such a great response from the Colorado State Fair banners that now everyone wants one! According to the local newspaper, the attendance was 480,204.

Typically, we print dibond material, laminate it and attach it in 4×8 sheets to the grand stand wall. Or we print cover-up decals to go over the last year’s panels. This leaves lots of visible screws and seams. The decal covering open seams will crack and peal by the next year, so over several years it starts to look really bad.

With the 2) 16’x32′ and 1) 8’x16′ Ackland Frames & banners, we were able to install the job in half of the time (including frame installation) and 1/3 of the typical cost. The customer was ecstatic over the cost and the professional look. Now that the frames are in place, next year we will just have the cost of the banners.

We are the official sign company of the Colorado State Fair and this year was the best response we’ve had in 20 years — Thanks to Ackland Frames.

Scott Hitchcock, President, Signs by Scott, Ltd., Pueblo, CO