These awesome rounded Wallscapes were produced by Outdoor Sign Systems of Yorba Linda, California. They’re being shown off at a high-profile, busy urban intersection. The changeable graphic system was installed on the radius block wall, using the standard off the shelf, Ackland Media Frame. No bending or fabrication was required. The frames are made from a semi-rigid, somewhat flexible aluminum alloy that allows the frame to conform to curved walls, which are becoming more and more popular, especially at stadiums and sports arenas. Just like any other Ackland Frame application, when it’s time to change the graphics, only a screwgun is required. Recommended Anchors: Tap-Con 

The replacement vinyl is very economical because it’s non-adhesive, basic “banner vinyl”, except that it doesn’t need a hem, grommets, or finishing of any kind! Just raw-edge vinyl — straight from the printer to the jobsite.  (Awesome Job, Dustin! Thanks for the Business!)

Just to be clear: No additional costs were incurred for metal bending, or for special anchors. Super easy. Super cool.

Note: Sponsors PAY the apartments for visibility. Apts get cash, sponsors get customers. and Apts can use it for ad spce whenever vacancies go up! (See 3rd image)