I’ll keep it short today. How does this sound?:

  • (4) Local Theaters
  • Each with (6) Big Movie Marquees (framed, of course)
  • You change out all the graphics 1x/month

You can do the exact math, but I’m guessing an extra $50K, annually in service revenue alone. Get the printing contract and REVENUE MORE THAN DOUBLES! In High-Traffic locations, the production studios may even pay for the printing to help “Co-Op” and ease the burden for theater owners.  With the right approach, this one idea could launch a whole new division or even a new company.
(P.S. Remember your dear ol’ Frame Guy when you make it big!)
Here’s a 61-second Video to see the concept.
Almost every community has at least one movie theater. Theaters have intense competition these days with video games, Red Box/Net Flix, Cable TV, Facebook, the Internet, Mobile Technology, and other forms of entertainment.
You’re in the Graphics Business. Why not remind them that “People Passing — BUY!”