There seems to be a trend. Cities everywhere are seeking new ways to help businesses gain exposure in a growing economy. At the same time, avoiding “Eye-Pollution” remains a priority to most municipalities. Never one for more regulation, it can be hard to argue with a town’s intention of fostering a top notch business environment. Here’s one city’s solution to banners flapping in the wind, or being displayed in a saggy or unsightly manner:

“Banner Frames make perfect sense! We can designate and pre-approve the exact location and sizes, throughout our downtown business district. This will keep a nice visual uniformity, while still allowing our businesses to do something to STAND OUT –Plus, it will save a lot of red tape in the permitting process!”–  CT Zoning Official

We found a similar movement in this North Carolina City: 

(Excerpt from Greenville, NC – Sign Ordinance)

(5)(a)To qualify as a permanent wall sign, displays made from non-self-supporting materials, including flex-face type signs, shall be permanently affixed to the building or other structure by a method approved by the Building Inspector, and the display (sign face) shall be enclosed and/or attached:

1. By a two-inch or wider raised banner frame that supports the sign face; or

2. Within a two-inch or wider raised sign cabinet specifically designed for support of the sign.

If such a trend continues, it could affect many business sectors that use banners to promote their message. One customer base that could be impacted the most is schools. As we know, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities all use banners for marketing because it’s low cost and convenience. We’ve noticed many in the education field starting to catch on to the aesthetic and branding benefits of banner frames ahead of such regulations. Check out the following example: [Click Here for more]

Hopefully the future of the print and sign industry is filled with less regulation not more! It is, however, always a good idea to stay ahead of possible changes in business practice. Schools are just one industry that could be affected by future changes but there are many more. Banner frames are a great possible solution and a great opportunity to show clients how to take vinyl banners to another level.

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