Banner Frames are an incredible way to create instant billboards on buildings, walls and trucks. They can literally create monthly advertising revenue from nothing, with the right visibility and media. Unfortunately not all banner frames systems are created equal. Choosing the best system for the job can be a tough task without the the ability to “test drive” them before purchasing. Factors like initial cost, ease of installation, ease and cost of media changes, can make or break a project. Today we will discuss one of the most important elements in choosing the right banner frame:

How Easy Is It To Change?   

The ability to change media in a banner frame is so important. It affects every aspect of the job including labor cost, media cost, and your ability to compete in the marketplace. The easier a banner frame system is to install and change, the faster you will be able to complete a job at a more competitive price. That may not seem as significant on an 8′ x 8′ Mall advertisement but when you are quoting multiple 25′ x 50′ Stadium Billboards, these factors become vital.
So, you may be thinking “How can I know which system will work best?”
Good Question! There are a few important features you can look for that will tell how easy the system will be to use. Here are a few to look at


1. Tensioning Design

The purpose of banner frame is to turn flex face vinyl graphics into a smooth, wrinkle-free media displays. In order to achieve that result, a banner frame system must employ some method to stretch the vinyl tight. The method by which a system stretches the vinyl media is known as the tensioning design.
Different banner frame systems achieve tension in different ways but what’s important about the tensioning design is how it will effect your ability to quickly install and change the media. Some systems use clamps and springs, some use cranks, some use stretching tools, while others use a tongue and groove design. As a general rule, the simplest design will produce the best and fastest results. The less moving parts, extra tools, and complicated devices needed, the easier it will be complete the job efficiently and cost effectively.

Tip: When researching banner frame systems, pay very close attention to the tensioning design, it can make all of the difference.

2. Media Finishing

Another important factor in choosing a banner frame system is the type of media it requires. The reason the media finishing is so important is because certain types of finish will add significant cost to future media changes. For example; if the system you choose requires a special heat welded bead on all 4 sides to fit its frame tracks, that can quickly drive the price of that media up. The high price of those media changes will negatively affect your ability to provide your customer with the most competitive solutions.
Requiring special media finishing poses other problems that can effect installations and media changes. As you know, projects involving different parties can produce opportunities for miscommunication . It’s not unusual for an installer to discover, while on the job, that the media was printed with the wrong measurements. In such cases, using a banner frame system with special media finishing would require you replace the entire media. Other systems without special finishing might allow you to make adjustments to the media and accommodate the banner frame. That difference in cost, could be the determining factor in landing future jobs with those clients. 

Tip: When researching banner frame systems, pay attention to what type of finishing the media requires.

3. Is The Media Proprietary?

The last thing to look for in a banner frame system is whether the media is proprietary. Can you print the media yourself or does the system require that you buy the media from the banner frame company. Proprietary media can pose several problems when installing or changing advertising copy. One of the most obvious issues is cost. With proprietary media, you have no control over the cost of the product. If you need to adjust pricing to win a job or resolve a customer issue, you will have no such flexibility with proprietary media. Having the ability to print the media in-house and make adjustments as needed, can give you a significant advantage over your competition.

Tip: When researching banner frame systems, determine if the media is proprietary.

Ultimately, there are many factors that should be examined when researching the type of banner frame system to choose. In order to produce the most competitive service for your client, be sure to consider all the factors above before you make a purchase.