If You Can Make a Sandwich – you can install the Ackland Media Frame.  
If there was just ONE THING I wish prospective customers could understand about our Media Frames, it would be the SIMPLICITY.  It’s as easy as making a sandwich! (no mustard required.)

  1. Base Plate
  2. Vinyl Media (Non-Adhesive)
  3. Cover Plate

Jerry Ackland had it right way back when the first Ackland Frame design was created. He said,
“The Beauty is in the Simplicity.”
No moving parts. No special tools. No tensioning devices. No special perimeter needed on vinyl. Cut-to-fit on site, if desired. Use it on any flat or semi-flat surface. Use it once or repeatedly.  Sell more large format.
Easy as making a sandwich. I think I’ll go eat one.