The only good type of RUSH JOB is the kind you’re ready for. The kind that, truth be told, you really don’t have to rush at all – because you’ve already got the goods. Your shelves are stocked, your printer is humming,your team is on their “A” game, and your customer knows they’re asking for the impossible, so they’re willing to pay for it – if they can just find someone who can pull it off. Someone who has the resources and the wherewithall to make it happen. The best types of RUSH jobs are those where you can enjoy the additional profit margin because (even though you can charge your customers a RUSH fee), you don’t have to PAY ONE. How does THIS sound:

Step 1. Sell the Job.        Step 2: Print the Vinyl.        Step 3: Install

Of course, there’s a catch –You have to have Ackland Frames IN YOUR SHOP!

If you do you can have this TODAY…


And turn it into THIS — TOMORROW!Enabling the War Fighter 1

This Wallscape was produced by The Matrix Dept, Leesburg, GA. Fantastic Work, guys! Thank you for your business — and for supporting our troops!

We have (2) different ways to STOCK UP and be ready for the best types of RUSH Job opportunities, whenever they present themselves.


Be sure to check out both links below:

   Ackland Frames can be purchased for stock at a reduced rate. 8 ft, 9 ft, and 12 ft lengths – just like lumber, which you can put together, cut, and configure to create any size frame you want! Or you can place your custom order here with us anytime. It will come to you pre-cut and ready-to-install. Order today by 2pm (PST) and we’ll ship tomorrow.