With March Madness upon us, a major spotlight will be thrust upon colleges and universities for the next few weeks. We thought it would also be a great time to shine some light on one thing that is a sure bet to land business in this market.

College basketball will be on TV’s everywhere during the month of March, so it’s a perfect opportunity to highlight products that can help these institutions promote their teams, and display their school spirit. Banner Frames are one product in particular that can help schools standout in a big way!

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In this article we are going to show you 2 ways colleges, universities, and schools in general can benefit from banner frames. We’ll also show how sign and print professionals can profit nicely while generating tons of repeat customers in the process.


Sports, historically speaking, have been an integral part of most colleges and universities identity and culture. It can also be a major source of a school’s revenue, especially this time of year. With so many sports fans turning their attention to college basketball, it’s a unique opportunity for schools to spread awareness and gain attention through branding.

“Top 5 March Madness Games in 2022 Bring In 45 Million Viewers”

According to Sports Illustrated, The top 5 March Madness games in 2022 brought in 45 million viewers with an average of over 10 million per game for the entire tournament.

No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of eyeballs focused on these 68 teams. As we know, branding is such an important part of spreading awareness, and gaining attention from such an enormous event. The way a school presents its brand, both on campus and off, will impact how they are perceived by basketball fans and potential students. This is where sign and print professionals can help solidify these “brands” by offering them ways to show the world who they are!

University of Buffalo Banner Frame display


Another great way to help colleges and universities benefit from this exposure is through sponsorships. Wherever people gather in numbers to watch an event, there is an opportunity for advertising. We know, the more exposure an advertisement receives, the more valuable it becomes. Banner frames are a fantastic way to create large displays that can be used to advertise sponsors. The versatility of banner frames give you the ability to create these graphic displays in almost any size. The flexibility of being able to install frames on almost any substrate, creates endless possibilities when it comes to sponsors. A college or university can create revenue generating displays in gymnasiums, arenas, stadiums, and training facilities just to name a few places.


Sponsor Banners

Repeat Business

Using banner frames to create branding and sponsorships for colleges and universities will not only benefit the schools, it also presents the sign and print professional with a great opportunity to create recurring business.

“It cost 5X more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.”

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog article, it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. That means, by selling a product that can generate future sales, you can reduce the cost of customer acquisition dramatically. Banner frames, paired with your large format printer, create a scale-able product that has repeat business built right in. As brand messaging and sponsors change, so does the printed display in a frame. The more changes, the more repeat business is generated for your company at no additional cost. I’m not saying it’s like printing money, but it’s pretty close.

Think for a moment about the number of colleges and universities that are located within your service area. Take it a step further and imagine the possibilities when you include high schools, middle and elementary schools! All of whom can benefit from large scale branding, messaging and sponsorships.


With tens of millions focused on college basketball in the coming weeks, imagine the opportunity for profit you have within your own region. You now have the ability to create a recurring revenue stream using only banner frames and your printer. Use this March Madness to place a bet on a sure thing…..you, and your ability to generate sales with a simple product that is easy to install and easy to change.

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