In today’s competitive business environment, sign and print professionals are always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency. One area where cost savings can be found is in the production of large graphic projects , such as wall graphics, building wraps, and truck graphics. These projects can often be completed using different materials, and different installation methods.  In this article, we’ll explore 5 areas where cost and efficiency can be impacted by the production and installation method you choose. 

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Both banners and adhesive wraps are popular and effective ways to promote a business or product. Banners are typically known to customers for their affordability at any size. Adhesive wraps are known to be particularly durable, especially when installed indoors. Let’s look at 5 areas of comparison that help save money and improve efficiency:

1. Cost of Production

    The cost of producing banners is generally lower than the cost of producing adhesive wraps. This is because the materials used in banner production are typically less expensive than those used in decal wrap production. The choice of the lower cost production is not always available depending on the customers desired outcome. Hanging a banner does not have the same visual effect as a large wall wrap,  unless a tensioning device is used. But in it’s simplest form, we know that vinyl banners are more cost effective to produce than adhesive wraps.

    2. Cost of Installation

    In order for adhesive wraps to look their best, they require professional installation, which can be costly. 3M certified installers cost more to train and can be difficult to find. Banners, on the other hand, are typically easy to install. Whether installing directly on the substrate or using a frame, banners can typically be hung with minimal training, skills or tools. With challenges in finding skilled labor, using banners in place of adhesive wraps may be an economical solution.

    Banner installation

    3. Cost of Removal

    Depending how long they have been on display, removing adhesive decal wraps can also be expensive. The longer an adhesive wrap stays up, the harder and more time consuming it can be to remove. It can require an experienced professional to avoid damage to the surface it was adhered to. Banners, for the most part, can be easily removed. They don’t typically require skilled labor to avoid surface damage.

    wrap removal

    4. Reusability

    Banners are reusable and can be used for multiple promotions or events, whereas adhesive decal wraps are typically designed for a single use. Once an adhesive wrap is removed, it has to be thrown away. Reusability can mean real savings for both your production and your customer. If using a banner frame, the changing and reusing of banner graphics can also produce repeat business at a very affordable price for your client.

    5. Changeability

    When it comes to clients who need to change messaging, banners can be more efficient and cost effective. It’s most apparent when it comes to fleet graphics. For clients that use their fleet for promotion, changeable messaging is essential. Adhesive wraps require both wrap removal and pro installation of the new graphic. That can add up quickly on a large fleet of trucks. Banners, when used with a banner framing system, can be removed and changed in 1/2 the time and 1/3 of the cost. Frame and banner fleet graphics typically do not require certified installers saving your customers even more.    

    Changeable Fleet graphics
    Changeable Fleet Graphics (with Banners)

    After looking at these 5 areas of comparison, we can see a clear pattern emerge. While adhesive decal wraps are very effective for branding and promotional purposes, the cost can also be prohibitive. The savings of printing banners make them a very attractive option for businesses looking to maximize their budget and efficiency . Banners are cost-effective to produce, easy to install and remove, and can be reused multiple times, making them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. By using banners as a solution where possible, sign and print professionals can save money while still effectively promoting their clients brand or products.

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