Client Testimonials


“We have installed about 30 of the Ackland Framing Systems on a variety of surfaces ranging from block wall, corrugated steel buildings to ribbed tractor trailers, with outstanding results. We have not used any other framing system because we have not seen the need to switch to something more complex or something that requires special tools or keys. After speaking with other professionals in this industry about installation, I believe that the Ackland Framing System is the easiest, most versatile system to use. The banners are printed flat and there is no need for special hems or pockets.”

Steve Scalph / Sign Here Ltd.

“I have never had one complaint regarding the product and in fact it is so good that replacements are almost unheard of. I have some trucks that go back almost 5 years and never a complaint or a problem. All the wallscapes that were done by AAA Flag are still up and no complaints or problems have been reported on them. I am of the opinion that you have a superior product and whenever I have the chance I recommend it to clients.”

Daniel Katzman / AAA Flag & Banner Mfg. Co. Inc.

“No longer do you have to adhere pressure sensitive graphics and let them remain there over time. Ackland Media Framing Systems allow graphics to be transported from location to location, vehicle to vehicle. It also allows for the graphics to be stored and re-used at a later date, instead of throwing them away”

George Gutermuth / USA Image Technologies, Inc. out of Louisville, Kentucky

Linda,You can add us to the list of very satisfied customers. We love your frame system. I have attached a few pics of the first truck. Our installers used rivets to attach the base frame to the truck. Thanks for your help. We will be ordering a lot more soon.”

Hayes Holzhauer / VP – Holzhauer Sign, Inc.

“Ackland Media Framing Systems allowed us to inexpensively change out messages on trucks to coordinate with clients’ Radio & TV advertising.”

Jim Hare / Signs By Tomorrow, Sacramento, CA

“Brad, Wow! What a transformation…” and what a great product to work with! The frames went on slick as you please, the graphic went on beautifully, and the end result is terrific. Why in the world would anyone ever wrap a trailer when Ackland Media Frames are out there? It saved us a HUGE chunk of time in not having to strip the atrocious graphic that was on the box, and the installation took about 1/4 of the time a wrap install would have. I have attached before and after shots of the trailer, as I believe this is the definitive example of where Ackland is best recommended for a trailer graphic. Thanks for your help in getting the frames sized correctly, making the install completely painless.

Todd Walker / Perfect Appearance