Sign Shops Earn Big Profits Re-branding Car Dealerships!

Car Dealer Giant Wall Ads


When a car dealership is looking to Re-brand or maybe just update old signage, you probably have many products available. From Window Perfs to A-frame signs, Poll Banners and Flags, the list can be long. One product I will highlight today offers the greatest profit potential and the flexibility to meet all of your clients needs. Ackland Media Frames are a custom cut banner frame system that can transform any space into a giant billboard for your client!


Huge Wall Graphic
Mossy BMW advertises brand with 12′ x 20′ ad on exterior wall


Go Big and Get Your Client Noticed!

One of the best features of Ackland Media Frames is it’s ability to GO BIG. Whether trying to grab attention from passing drivers or showing offers to on-site clients, BIGGER is always BETTER! The low cost of digital printing makes selling massive wall ads a no-brainer for sign shops. The larger the surface area, the bigger the profits! You can make a GIANT impact for your clients while getting paid nicely for your efforts. Often times a project will grow larger and larger once your client sees the potential wall space they have available. 


Interior Banner Frame
Toyota of Escondido promotes new models with huge interior banner frame display.


Easy to Install and Replace

Another huge benefit to Ackland Media Frames is how easy it is to install! Our aluminum frames are screwed into a substrate much like a picture frame. Digitally printed, raw edge vinyl is then added to the frame, no hems or grommets necessary. The patented design stretches the vinyl on all 4 sides resulting in a smooth, “tight as a drum” finish. No special tools or tensioning devices needed. When it comes time to change the media, replacements are easier to install and more profitable than the initial print. 


Service Drive Wall Advertising
Mossy Nissan advertises their Service Deals with 10′ x 7′ banner frame displays.


Generate Repeat Business

With the ability to print and change media quickly, Ackland Media Frames provide a fantastic way to get repeat sales! Car models change, service prices change, and vendors change. It all adds up to a valuable model for keeping clients returning for more. Having repeat business is an excellent way to maximize your marketing efforts without increasing spending. Win, Win!


Pole Banner Ads

Pole Banner Ads







Complete the Package

With such a wide variety of sizes and options, Ackland Media Frames will leave your clients blown away with the results! By adding more products like Pole Banners, Flags and Pennants, you could become a “Dealership Face Lift Specialist!” Offering a complete package greatly increases the likelihood of landing that big job and creating revenue streams that last for years to come.

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