Our Truckside Team is unsurpassed in helping Sign Companies transform transportation fleets into stunning, rolling billboards. Here at Ackland, you’ll find the 6 Major Pieces of the Truck/Trailer branding puzzle. We know that your company may excel in some of the areas below, and that handling certain portions yourself may help to maximize your profitability. Great! That’s our goal. Use Ackland for ANY COMBINATION or ALL 6 of the truckside components.

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1 The System – Proprietary, PATENTED Ackland Media Frame

2 The Service – Nationwide Installations

3 The Media – Wide Format Digital Print Production

4 The Messaging – Creative Design Department

5  Experience – Fleet Logistics/Management, 24 States and counting!

6 Marketing Support – Need Images, Case Studies, Testimonials, or Help w/the Bid? We’re here to help you win the business! You can even
download a Customizable EZ-Change Media Kit HERE! (Includes ONLYYOUR CONTENT INFO!)

COST SAVINGS: On the 1st Installation, Ackland Frames will typically save 20%-50% when compared to the total price of a traditional decal wrap. After the system is installed, Ackland can help you save customers

50-70% Every Time Graphics are Changed!

UP-TIME! – In the trucking industry, “Downtime” is a dirty word.
The longer your customer’s trucks are out of service, the more your headaches pile up .
A typical PSV WRAP puts a trailer out of service 3-5 days. EZ-Change Frames by Ackland take LESS THAN A DAY to install!


Full-Service Installation Solutions. Beginning-to-End.

Production, shipping, installations, and logistics are all interdependent processes which are extremely time-sensitive. Proper management (micro & macro) is critical to high-level execution. That’s our biggest strength. We are “hands-on”, responsive, and accountable.

● Online Portals for Progress Reporting
● Photo and Signature Verification
● On-Site Quality Ratings by Customer Personnel
● Certified & Insured

Our patented attachment system, paired with exceptional nationwide service, will deliver unsurpassed results!


Originally invented by Mr. Jerry Ackland, after witnessing a failed vinyl heat-weld, (vinyl flapping in the wind!) and noticing the complexities of other attachment systems. Mr. Ackland set out to create a better product with a simple but effective.

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● EZ-Change Frames by Ackland carry a Lifetime Product Warranty
● Heat-Treated, Anodized Aluminum to protect against corrosion.
● 2-Piece Extrusion provides 3-inches of “Clamp” around entire perimeter
● Self-Tensioning Design makes vinyl look like a smooth, solid surface!

How We Transform Trucksides




truck berfore-after
Benshaw before and after

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