Increase Sign and Print Revenue With A Great Sales Demo

Sales Demo's work.

When considering a purchase, have you ever felt you needed to see that product in action before you make a decision? Maybe you were not sure how it actually worked or whether or it would solve a pain point you were facing.

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No doubt you’ve heard the term “Seeing is believing”. In sales, that phrase certainly rings true. The more a client can see, touch, and experience the benefits of your product, the more likely they are to purchase. That’s not a secret. In fact, the auto industry has been using this technique for ages. The test drive is one of the most successful sales demo’s of all time.

Auto Dealer Today writes:

“The numbers don’t lie: We have found that test drives increase closing ratios dramatically, by more than 10% with new guests and almost 15% with appointments.

People want to feel like they have all the available knowledge when making a decision about a purchase. Presenting a product demo can boost their confidence about your product and make it easier to close the sale. puts it like this: “A good sales demo does more than just showcase your offering, however. It can also help you win over qualified sales prospects by connecting your product directly to their needs. That’s because people care less about the actual solution you’re selling, and more about the difference it can make in their lives.”


Exterior Sales Demo


Sales Demos and The Sign/Print Industry

When it comes to the Sign and Print industry, we are too often left showing renderings and mock-ups to satisfy client questions. Without a physical product to demonstrate, it can be difficult to highlight important features and benefits that can impact their decision. This is especially true when many  industry products happen to be very large like signs, wallscapes and fleet graphics. If you can put a demo version in your client’s hand, it makes it easier for them to imagine it solving their problem. 

Once you have a sales demo to present, delivering the product at the right time becomes important.

When should you deliver a sales demo?

Okay, so you have your sales demo in hand. At what point in the sales process should you book a demonstration? HubSpot’s writer Kristen Baker says “Demos typically occur after a visitor becomes a lead. Depending on where a prospect is in the buyer’s journey, there are a few specific points in time when you might deliver a sales demo” (or ask if your prospect is interested in a demo).

  1. When a visitor completes a micro conversion (signs up for your newsletter or requests more information)

  2. When a lead contacts your sales team to learn more about your product

  3. When a prospect requests a consultation


SnapCap Demo


How to deliver a sales demo?

There are many ways to present your sales demo. How you deliver it depends on what product you are selling. In the case of large graphic displays, we recommend 3 ways in particular:

  1. The first is a handheld demo you can take with you on sales calls. Often times we have to deliver our sales presentations at a client’s office. When traveling, a smaller hand held demo will work best. One that is large enough to feature all the important benefits, but small enough to easily carry around with you.

  2. Second is a wall display. If you have clients that come by your shop or office, you can install a demo on an interior or exterior wall. The real advantage to having a wall display is the size. Having a large wall demo will surely get your clients attention.

  3. Another option is a truck display. If you sell truck or trailer graphics, having a delivery truck adorned with your fleet graphic product is a great idea. It will also gain brand awareness for your company.


Now that you understand how important having a sales demo is, start gathering demo material from your vendors and deploy them to increase your likelihood of closing more sales today!


Here is one of our 3 Showroom Sales Demo’s we would love to send you for free…. 

Sales Demo board

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