Get Your Foot In The Door….There May Be A Fortune Behind It.

We’ve all heard it said: “If I could only get my foot in the door…”. The origins of that phrase date back to the early days of selling. When door-to-door sales was prominent, if a salesperson could get his foot between the door frame and the door, he wouldn’t get the door slammed in his face. In other words, if you could just get a prospect to listen, the chances of closing the sale would increase dramatically.

This idea has evolved into a proven sales technique used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. It’s a simple concept that works like this:


“Start by asking for something small. Then ask for something big.


According to Forbes online, Psychologists first examined this phenomenon in 1966, when pedestrian salesmen were at their heyday. Stanford University conducted a landmark study, later published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  Titled,  “Compliance Without Pressure:  The Foot-in-the-Door Technique.”

In short, what they found was subjects who responded positively to a small request, were 135% more likely to respond positively to a second request. 

This experiment and nearly every one that followed, showed that Foot In The Door works as a selling strategy….


“First, make a small request. Next, make a large request, and people are more likely to accept.”


Now that we understand the concept, let’s look at how it applies to your business?  Ackland Media Frames has seen many of our sign shop clients use this technique to secure big, profitable jobs. They can up sell high margin products by getting their “foot In the door” with a small offering. Our EZ-Change Frame makes that process effortless by allowing you to sell big possibilities with minimal risk to your customer.  Check out these real examples of companies like yours applying the Foot In The Door strategy using Ackland products…. 


From One Wall To The Entire Mall

One of our wholesale frame customers in Southern California approached a local mall about installing one wallscape advertisement using EZ-Change Frames. The pitch was simple: The mall could earn monthly advertising revenue from one small wallscape purchase (get the small yes). 

6 x 8 Wallscape Ad

After securing the purchase of one wallscape, the sign shop owner surveyed the rest of the property. He recorded every possible wall that could generate ad revenue. Next, they presented the Mall with a proposal that would generate 1 million dollars in ad revenue yearly. Because they took the initiative, the Mall would eventually purchase 6 more wallscape ads. Each of those wallscapes has repeat business built in for the sign shop (changeouts = $$). The Mall would go on to purchase several other products including sky banners, elevator wraps, window clings, and more. The revenue generated from one simple wallscape continues to payoff today. That’s how you turn one small yes in multiple big checks!


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One Car Dealer, Multiple Deals

In our second example, our wholesale frame client was asked by a marketing firm to quote an 8’x10′ wallscape ad for a car dealer service area. Using Ackland’s EZ-Change Frame and vinyl banner, they were able to provide a really great price (get the small yes).The client liked the price so much they instead ordered 5 wallscapes immediately.

After the 5 wallscapes were installed, the dealer was so impressed they ordered similar ads for 3 other dealerships. Along with that, they ordered several Snap Cap displays, rental car signage, pole banners, window perfs and more.


[ Check out more of Ackland Media Frame’s Product Gallery ]


Similar to the mall client, one small job allowed this sign shop to get their foot in the door and ask for much bigger purchases. These ads will have to be changed out when prices increase or services change etc. which means guaranteed revenue for the future!

Foot In The Door is a simple, proven sales technique that can help your business build lasting and profitable relationships. So, go ahead and get those small yes’s knowing one day they could turn into big checks!

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