has been called “The aristocrat of all emotions“.  It’s royalty in both the psychological and spiritutal realms. When you’re grateful, you’re joyful. People with an attitude of gratitude have more peace of mind, and less strife. They have better relationships, and better demeanors. Just hang around a grateful person for a little while, and you start feeling a whole lot better. We never sell directly to the end user. (We’re “Trade Only”) and most of the time, we don’t get to even see the finished product. We whip the frames to you guys, and you all go out and do your thing, which is great. We do, however, have an ongoing offer that if you send us images of the finished product (esp before and after) and we can use them in our marketing, we’ll give  you 10% off of your next order. (BTW, averages out to about $110 discount!) Last week I went through the archives of pictures sent to us by customers, and I couldn’t believe the number of major brands that have been featured inside of our frames. I was stunned to take an inventory of these corporate giants, and I realized what a phenomenal job our customers are doing of going out there in the trenches every day, and making things happen! Here’s the list for you to check out, but more importantly than the list …

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AMF’s Big 100 112117

What Do These 100 Major Brands Have in Common?  —  

Answer: Each of them has been showcased inside of The Ackland Media Frame.

7up America’s Next Top Model American Airlines AT&T Bank of the West Beach Boys Bed Bath & Beyond Bimbo BMW Boost Mobile Budweiser Buffalo Bills Buffalo Wild Wings Buick Chili’s Chris Angel Citi Financial Coca-Cola Colgate Corona Crest DC Comics Disney Dodge Dominos Doritos Facebook Farmacia Benavides Farmers Insurance Five Below Food4Less Ford Fox Sports

Fry’s Markets FUD Gatorade

Girl Scouts Goodwill Industries Guinness World Records Hobby Lobby Hollister Houston Astros Huggies Hyundai IKEA Jack Daniels Jarritos Jefferson Yachts Jiffy Muffins Jimmy Johns L. L. Bean L.A. Dodgers Labatt’s Legoland Love’s M&Ms Marathon MasterCard McDonalds Mercedes-Benz Michelob Miller Lite NASCAR Nashville Predators Nike Nissan Olive Garden PacSun Pepsi Petco Pittsburgh Penguins Porsche RC Cola Rip Curl Ross S-Mart Sam’s Club Samsung Scott Paper Towels Six Flags Snapple Snickers Sony Sprint Sunkist Supercuts Target

T-Mobile Toyota Truckstops of America U.S. Cup U.S. Soccer ULTA Universal Studios Vans Verizon Walmart Warner Bros Wells Fargo Yellow Pages